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Auto Collision Repair Program


This area of study is designed to provide learners with skills in collision repair occupations. Major instructional concepts include: non-structural analysis and damage repair; structural analysis and damage repair; mechanical and electrical component; plastics and adhesive; painting and refinishing and general occupational information.

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Program Information

1 1671T * Fundamentals of Collision Repair 

Fundamentals of Collision Repair Technology (1 credit): This course introduces the student to the knowledge base and technical skills as they relate to the field of Collision Repair Technology. Class areas of study include career opportunities and practices, integrated academics, knowledge of tools and equipment, panel straightening techniques, and introduction to vehicle preparation. Safety instruction is integrated into all activities. Students utilize problem-solving techniques and participate in hands-on activities to develop an understanding of course concepts.

2 1673T Mechanics and Electrical Components 

Mechanical and Electrical Components (1 credit): This course will introduce students to the entry-level skills necessary in mechanical and electrical repairs as they apply to collision repair technology.

3 1679T * Surface Preparation and Refinishing 

Surface Preparation and Refinishing (1 credit): This course will continue to build student skill sets in preparing a surface for refinishing; inspect, clean and operate spraying equipment; ; detail a vehicle; and diagnose finish defects

4 1675T * Non Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 

Non-Structural Analysis And Damage Repair (1 credit): This course will continue to build student skill sets in non-structural analysis and repair of metal and composite parts.

5 1677T * Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 

Structural Analysis and Damage Repair (1 credit): This course will continue to build student skill sets in frame and unibody type vehicles using welding techniques, measuring equipment, and frame machines.

6 1674T Advanced Refinishing Techniques

Advanced Refinishing Techniques (1 credit): This course will introduce students to the advanced fundamentals of automotive refinishing. Students will become familiar with tools, procedures and careers associated with advanced refinishing techniques

Zack Jeffreys

Auto Collision Repair Program

"Everything I learned at the career center carried over to my uncle’s garage that I now work at. This program was a huge help for me."

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