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Health Occupations Program


The Health Occupations Concentration allows the student to explore careers focused primarily on changing the health status of the patient over time. Health professionals in this concentration work directly with patients; they may provide care, treatment, counseling and health education information.

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Program Information

1 0711T * Foundations of Health Science 

Foundations of Health Science (1 credit): This course is designed to allow instructional content to focus on basic medical terminology, growth and development, nutrition, health maintenance practices and healthcare delivery systems. It is designed to provide the student with knowledge and technical skills required for infection control and the prevention of disease transmission, CPR and First Aid. Students will be provided with the opportunity to acquire certification in these areas.

2 0715T * Advanced Principles of Health Science 

Advanced Principles of Health Science (1 credit): Instructional content will focus on healthcare safety, environmental safety processes and procedures, ethical and legal responsibilities and mathematical computations. Medical terminology and the reinforcement, expansion and enhancement of biology content specific to diseases and disorders are an integral part of the course.

3 0789T * Clinical Specialty/CNA 

Clinical Specialty I (1 credit): This course is designed to choose a career work-based experience from the following specialization: Certified Nursing Assistant

4 0721T Medical Terminology 

Medical Terminology (1 credit): Through the study of medical terminology the student will learn the language of medicine. Students will gain an understanding of basic elements, rules of building and analyzing medical words, and medical terms associated with the body as a whole. Utilizing a systems approach, the student will define, interpret, and pronounce medical terms relating to structure and function, pathology, diagnosis, clinical procedures, oncology, and pharmacology. In addition to medical terms, common abbreviations applicable to each system will be interpreted. This course qualifies for EDGE credit and WVNCC credit.

5 0810T EKG 

EKG (1 credit): This course is designed to allow students to obtain an entry-level career as an EKG Technician. Students will gain an understanding of the EKG Department, medical terminology, policies and procedures, infection control and patient care. They will learn effective communication skills in dealing with both patients and co-workers.

6 0825T Phlebotomy 

Phlebotomy – (1 credit): This course is designed to prepare students for an entry-level career as a phlebotomist. Students will learn safety, infection control, quality assurance, theory and procedures as they relate to the laboratory. They will learn problem-solving techniques and hands-on activities to develop skills necessary to draw blood and prepare it for testing.

7 0739T Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness (1 credit): Within this course, students will examine nutrition in relationship to the maintenance and/or restoration of wellness. Components of this course include food composition, nutritional guidelines, therapeutic diets, eating disorders, menu planning, and patient teaching. Students will utilize problem-solving techniques and participate in hands-on activities to develop an understanding of course concepts. Teachers will provide each student with real world learning opportunities and instruction related to healthcare.

Liz Jackson

Health Occupations Program

"The Health Occupations Program helped me get certified as a CNA, and then I was able to work full time as I took the LPN course. Next, I plan on pursuing my RN. Thanks JDRCC!"

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