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Welding Program


The Welding concentration focuses on careers that will build a knowledge base and technical skills in all aspects of the Welding industry. Students will have the opportunity to earn both NCCER certification and the WV Welding Certification for each skill set mastered and be exposed to skills to develop positive work ethics.

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Program Information

1 1862T * Welding I 

Welding I (1 credit): This course is designed to introduce the student to the knowledge base and technical skills of the Welding industry.

2 1983T Blueprint 

Blueprint Reading and Metallurgy (1 credit): This course will introduce students to the basic fundamentals of blueprint reading as it relates to the welding industry, and to the science and technology of extracting metals from their ores, refining them, and preparing them for use.

3 1863T * Welding II 

Welding II (1 credit): This course will continue to build student skill sets in areas of Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging; Base Metal Preparation: Weld Quality; SMAW-Equipment and Setup: Shielded Metal Arc Electrodes; SMAW-Beads and Fillet Welds; Joint Fit Up and Alignment; SMAW-Grove Welds with Backing: and SMAW-Open V-Groove Welds.

4 1864T * Welding III 

Welding III (1 credit): This course will continue to build student skill sets in areas of Welding Symbols; Reading Welding Detail Drawings; Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Metals; Preheating and Post-heating of Metals; GMAW and FCAW-Equipment and Filler Metals; and GMAW and FCAW-Plate.

5 1865T * Welding IV 

Welding IV (1 credit) Welding IV will continue to build student skill sets in areas of GTAW-Equipment and Filler Metals; and GTAW-Plate.

6 1982T Ornamental

Brian Reed

Welding Program

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