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Truck Driving by Lake

CDL Program


Pursue a career in CDL Truck Driving. This course consists of 7 weeks of training in the career field of commercial truck driving. Develop skills needed to drive a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently and legally. Receive your CDL License upon successful program completion. New classes begin every 4 weeks! 

CDL Handbook

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CDL Trucking Program


Pursue a career in truck driving after completing a 7 week CDL program. This course consists of 7 weeks of training in the career field of commercial truck driving. Develop skills needed to drive a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently and legally. Receive your CDL License upon successful program completion.

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Instructors & Office Hours


John Barber,WV Licensed

Jim Luevano, WV Licensed

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:  7:30 - 2:30


Course Subjects

  • Range Course

  • CDL Road Course

Program Information


This program involves 7 weeks of comprehensive training in the Career field of commercial truck driving. Emphasis is placed on development of the basic skills and knowledge needed to drive a tractor-trailer safely, efficiently and legally. After successfully completing this program, the student will have their CDL A license, and should be prepared to meet the requirements necessary for an entry-level driving position.


Students have the opportunity to complete additional training to obtain a CDL class B with school bus and passenger endorsement.


The mission of John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center: Instruction and learning lay the foundation that students build upon to be career ready.


The JDRCC truck driving training program is divided into two 3.5-week periods. The first 3.5 weeks are described as the range work. Initial training begins with the basic operation of the commercial vehicles. This includes start-up procedures, shifting, coupling and backing rigs. An introduction to “hours-of service” will also be covered, and then re-capped later in the course. Within the first 2 weeks the student should acquire their Commercial Driver’s License permit from the DMV.

The second 3.5-week period is described as road work. This course focuses primarily on safe commercial vehicle operation on the public roads and highways. Defensive driving techniques, extreme driving conditions, driving proficiency and trip planning are included in this final 3.5-weeks. The student should also acquire their Commercial Driver’s License which consists of a 3 part test on skills, inspection and road work.


1. To develop performance objectives relating to the “real world” of commercial truck driving life-style and its challenges.
2. To develop knowledge objectives necessary to carry out daily routine functions safely and within legal limits.
3. To develop skill objectives necessary to control the commercial vehicle in all types of situations.
4. To develop attitude objectives that students need in order to become successful, professional truck drivers.


Range Course
1. Program orientation; rules, policies and procedures.
2. Control systems and starting procedures.
3. CDL Safety overview: range procedures
4. Double-clutching, up-shift and down-shift techniques.
5. Coupling and un-coupling procedures.
6. CDL Hours-of-service requirements
7. Range work: turns, trailer off-tracking, backing

CDL Road Course
1. Safety overview: smith system®, heavy traffic, extreme driving conditions.
2. Road work: highway, mountain and night drive, scales.
3. Handling cargo, documentation, shipper/receiver ops.
4. Trip planning, size and weight limitations.
5. Entry-level Driver Requirements.
6. Job Seeking
7. Public and Employer relations.


1. Evacuation Procedures: see instructions posted on the classroom wall by the front door.
2. First Aid Kit: is located in the classroom, by the key box.
3. Emergency Closings: Due to inclement weather, etc. the JDRCC CDL Program will observe the same closing or delay policy as Hancock County Schools. Look for announcements on local radio and television stations such as WTOV 9 or 106.3 FM. also lists a variety of websites that carry school cancellations or delays. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor this.
4. Road Accidents and Emergencies: Accident kits are located in each road truck with specific instructions on what to do in emergency situations.


Students are permitted to use the computer in the classroom when given permission and there is sufficient time. Arrangements can be made to use the school computer lab upon request. No eating or drinking is permitted while using any computer at the John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center. The student (prior to using the computers) in accordance with Hancock County Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy must sign a telecommunications agreement.


The student understands and agrees that he/she may be requested to submit to random drug/alcohol screening during the course of the academic year. Said screening may be requested at any time by the instructor(s) of the CDL program, and shall be performed in accordance with proper chain of custody procedures. The random drug/alcohol screening shall be performed at the expense of the Rockefeller Career Center School.

In addition, the faculty has the right to request the student to submit to testing if reasonable cause exists. The student shall agree to submit to drug and alcohol screen testing to determine whether alcohol, any controlled substances, or substances which are mood altering in any way are present in his/her blood and/or urine. Said testing shall be performed as soon as possible following proper chain of custody procedures. Testing pursuant to probable cause shall be at the expense of the student. Failure to submit to such a reasonable request shall be prima facie evidence of the presence of the aforementioned substances, and shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the CDL program.

Any student who is prescribed any narcotic medication or medication, which may be mood altering in any way, shall have his/her physician document the prescribing of the medication. The student shall provide this documentation to coordinator of the CDL program on the next instructional day following the prescribing of such medication. Any student who utilizes a prescription or non-prescription substance which may contain alcohol, cause drowsiness, or in any way impair their ability to perform driving functions safely shall inform the coordinator or his/her designee on any instructional day on which the substance is utilized, and prior to the student’s submission to any drug/alcohol screen which may be requested.

Anytime a student’s behavior indicates that he/she is unable to perform his/her duties safely, the CDL instructor(s) will direct the student to leave the area. Receipt of result indicating the presence of any amount of any substance for which the student has no legal, valid prescription or a non-prescription substance not declared prior to the drug/alcohol screen shall be ground for immediate dismissal from the Rockefeller Career Center CDL Program.


1. STUDENT PARKING: Students must park in designated area only.

2. BUILDING ACCESS: Students must enter through designated area of building and must remain in CDL training area. CDL students are to never interact with any high school students. CDL students who need to enter outside of designated CDL training area must be accompanied by a CDL instructor or a director of the career center. ANY CDL STUDENT ENTERING OUTSIDE OF THE DESIGNATED CDL TRAINING AREA WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR OR A DIRECTOR WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM THE CDL TRAINING PROGRAM WITHOUT REFUND OF THEIR TUITION.

3. SMOKING: No tobacco is allowed on school property or in any school vehicle.

4. DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Any student who attends class under the influence of any drug or alcohol will be immediately removed from CDL training program without refund of tuition.

5. MEDICATION: If you are taking any type of medication (prescribed or over the counter) you must inform your CDL Instructor before operating the programs equipment. Certain types of medication can impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle.


7. FIGHTING: Students are expected to maintain good behavior while in training. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any student(s) involved in a fight will result in expulsion without refund of tuition.

8. GAMBLING: There will be no gambling of any kind on school property.

9. ATTENDANCE: The nature and training of the CDL PROGRAM makes regular attendance necessary. Please refer to your Absence Policy.

10. START TIME: Our day begins at 7:30 am unless otherwise specified by your instructor. Students who do not answer roll call will be considered tardy. Please refer to Tardiness Policy.

11. DRESS CODE: Students are not permitted to wear halter tops, muscle shirts, or tank tops. There will be no sandals or thongs or any other type of open style shoe to be worn in the CDL Program. Students must keep their shirts on at all times. Personal hygiene is also enforced. Deodorant is a necessity. Bathing and clean clothing is required for attendance. Clothing must be neat with no holes or frayed bottoms. Shirts with logos, shirts exposing the naval/abdomen or short shorts are not permitted. Students will be sent home for not being properly dressed and improper hygiene.

12. CELL PHONES/ELECTRONICS: Cell phones are not permitted to be on in classroom; the instructor may require you to leave your cell phone in front of the classroom turned off at the beginning of class. You may check your phones only on breaks and lunch.

13. TRASH: Students are expected to clean their own mess after lunch and at the end of the day. Students are also expected to take part in keeping the programs vehicles cleaned and mess free.

14. SAFETY: Students are to THINK AND PRACTICE SAFTEY AT ALL TIMES. Students are to never operate equipment unless an instructor is present. Instructors will be equipped with a whistle. When you hear the whistle you are to stop what you are doing. If you continue and hit something or injury someone you will be asked to leave the CDL Program without refund of your tuition.

15. PROFANITY/SLURS: Insubordination, abusive profanity, racial slurs, and /or refusing to follow directions will not be tolerated. Do not argue with your instructors. All problems that cannot be worked out between student and instructor will require the Career Center director’s involvement in the problem solving process. Any of above could cause the student to be removed from the
program without refund of tuition.


17. EQUIPMENT: Abuse of equipment will not be tolerated for any reason, and will be grounds for immediate termination without refund of tuition.

18. TERMINATION: We believe that everyone who is accepted into our program has the ability and the right to be here, but if a student‘s actions interfere or disrupt the training of the rest of the class we reserve the right to restart the individual in a new class or dismiss that student completely. If a student is dismissed for any reason there is no refund of tuition.

19. DRUG AND ACLOCHOL TESTING: Every student enrolled in the CDL PROGRAM may be requested to submit to random drug/alcohol screening.


In the event that a student must withdraw from the CDL program at the JDRIV Career Center after the initial (5) five instructional days, there will be no refund. Students withdrawing 1-5 instructional days will receive a 90% tuition only refund. An official withdrawal form must be received by the JDRIV Career Center finance office no later than the 2nd day after withdrawal.

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the 5 day tuition refund policy.


Testing Policy
The student will be allowed (3) attempts at the state skills test without an additional tuition charge. Any subsequent testing will cost an additional $400 per attempt.


Background Check $58.00
Registration Fee-Non Refundable $100.00
*Drug Screening and Truck Driving Physical $134.00
Tuition (CDL) - due at enrollment $5,008.00
*Dr. Steve Mascio in Follansbee WV (ph # 304-527-1670) does truck driving physicals.

SCHOOL BUS TEST                     $100.00


Note: CDL licensing will be valid for 3-7 years.

Bill Thompson

CDL Program

"After I completed the CDL Program at JDRCC, I was able to find a job within the month and begin my new career. It was that easy."

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